Father’s Day On The Farm

San_José_Municipal_Stadium_3668_02With today’s post there will be no foaming at the mouth, no rants or the brilliant analysis you usually find on ITHBOTB. Nope, today I’m just going to celebrate a wonderful Sunday at a billiard with two of my five kids.

The twins (Nick and Sam) and I made the hour drive south to Municipal Stadium in San Jose to soak up the sunshine and watch the California League (Advanced A) match-up between the Dodgers’ affiliate, Rancho Cucamonga Quakes and the San Jose Giants … affiliate of, well, you know.

Even though the Bad Guys won we had a great time at the funky old ballpark digging the Minor League vibe. It may not be one of baseball’s cathedrals but it is definitely a nice little chapel and a great place to celebrate Father’s Day.


Nick (left) and Sam (right) prepare for a day with The Old Coot.


Of course, they had to deal with a goofy mascot. “Gigante” covers the Dodger logos adorning Sam.


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