Quoth Josh Ravin, “Nevermore …”

At least not for 80 games. Such is the modern game. But, what’s amusing to me, a Dodger Fan in China Basin, is the smugness and absolute gall of Giants fans in regard to the suspensions of Josh Ravin, a Dodger, and Dee Gordon, a former Dodger.

“Look! What a dirty organization! Cheaters!” they howl.

If there were ever fans of a team that should keep their mouths shut about PEDs, it would have to be Giants Fans, right? But, no, there are a good many taking the opportunity to gloat in Dodger misfortune. Never mind Dee Gordon never failed a test with the Dodgers, but once united with Marlins hitting coach, Barry Bonds, he suddenly turns up dirty. But, to be honest, ’tis neither here nor there. No team in the sport is immune from the plague of PEDs, and until there’s a meaningful deterrent to their use the cheating will continue.

So, Jints Fans, give it a rest. OK?

All right, one final dig …


Boy, those ballpark prices, huh?


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