Could It Happen?

TimmeeeIt’s been widely reported that former Cy Young Award winner and three-time World Champion, Tim Lincecum, will be holding a showcase for major league teams this Friday in Scottsdale, AZ. Dodger scouts will be there.

Lincecum is coming off arthroscopic hip surgery and has suffered through some down seasons the past few years, but according to, that might only encourage my Beloved Bums to sign The Freak.

Well, the Dodgers certainly have a track record of going after oft-injured pitchers on the downside of their careers, what’s one more?

I have to confess, I would be OK with the signing. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the skinny kid with the funky delivery. I know, he’s been a Giant his entire career, but you have to believe even the blackest of black and orange hearts can be redeemed. A couple of hours in Dodger Blue has been known to have restorative qualities greater than those of the waters of Lourdes. Well, if you believe Tommy Lasorda, anyway.

As points out, it wouldn’t be the craziest thing the Dodgers have done, assuming Timmy throws well at the workout and doesn’t mind a middle relief role. Although, that fifth starter spot has been sort of a black hole for the Dodgers and throwing Lincecum into that job might work out while the youngsters gain experience. In other words, why not?

Wherever he ends up parking his skateboard, I wish the kid well. Still, all in all, Timmy putting on a Dodger uniform would sure be a story, wouldn’t it?



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