Feelin’ Blue In The Land Of Orange

I got dem ol’ Dodger Blues again, and it feels so good.

They’re on their way. The Dodgers are headed to AT&T Park for a three game series with The Orange & Black Borg. Yes, I have my tickets and I can’t wait to see this year’s team take on the hated Jints.

San Francisco will greet the Bums with their typical “Beat L.A.” chants and their haughty attitude but they’ll be starting this series the same way they finished last year … six games behind their rival. Six games back is pretty sad considering we’re only twelve games into the season. It won’t keep the fans at AT&T from being any less obnoxious, but it’s gotta pique them a little bit I’d think.

Still, I’ll have to be careful in the stands. They don’t cotton much to us Blue Bleeders in these parts. I may have to go undercover. For Wednesday’s game I’ll be out in the bleachers and I will definitely have to contain my enthusiasm when the Dodgers score, the drunken Giants fan can be a very grumpy neighbor when things aren’t going his way.

Be that has it may, I love it when the Dodgers come to town.

I’ll keep you posted.


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