Life Among The Giants Fans #2


“The Hipster” is most often seen in line at the most obscure concession stands in the ballpark. The “out of the way” places where you can get a Tofu Dog and beer is $2.75 an ounce.

They arrive in the third inning via Uber and from the fifth inning on are constantly on their phone trying to arrange their return trip.

Threat Level To Dodger Fan: 1 star. They’re not sure what baseball is but they know it’s cool to be seen at the stadium and orange goes well with his green jacket. They pose no threat and are only mildly annoying. Avoid if allergic to pretentiousness … exposure to “The Hipster” could prove fatal should you possess such an allergy.



  1. You forgot the little neck chain with a 45rpm record changer thing he bought at the free Tibet bookstore,also in the Haight,which he thinks is a lost Tibetian symbol for ” Hip” Giants fans both in amd out of the stadium hate him as well.



  2. Great looking and entertaining blog. Although you support a team without redeeming qualities, I wholeheartedly respect your right to do so! Vin Scully has my utmost admiration and respect, but that’s pretty much it. Will be checking your posts out often.



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