Life Among The Giants Fans


The Gamer Babe: There are actually several types of “Gamer Babe” but, by far, the most annoying is the “Nomadic” variety. Usually travels in groups of three or more, this “fan” spends what little time they stay in their seat texting and taking “selfies” with their herd. GB’s arrive with one out in the first, sit down for two pitches (that they don’t see) and then, as a group, head for the concourse, damaging as many toes as they can with their spike heels as they squeeze down the aisle. Why do the go for the concourse? To graze? Relieve their bladder? Nobody really knows why they go but they usually come back with a shopping bag from the Dugout Store, a plastic cup of white wine and some garlic fries at about the top of the third. Two pitches later (that they still don’t watch) they begin the migration again. This continues until the sixth inning when  they mysteriously disappear. Sometimes found before, during or after games at MoMo’s sucking down Margaritas.

Level of concern to Dodger Fans: 2 stars.  Try to avoid sitting in the same aisle. They come and go frequently. On the whole, they are not dangerous (other than the toe thing) and are just more pests than anything else. They can be easily destroyed by asking them to explain the Infield Fly Rule, which causes their heads to explode.


One Comment

  1. Yes,you see her behind home plate at Dodger games.She has season tickets.Her name is Mary Heart. Go Douhers!!



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