More Smack Talk …

No, I’m not content to let things sit quietly until the season actually gets under way. There’s more I’d like to mention …

Since moving to California, Da Bums and Jints have played 1,001 games against each other with the Dodgers holding a 512-488 edge. That’s a .512 winning percentage. Neener, neener, neener!

Since the move west, the Dodgers have played in nine World Series, winning five. The Giants have played in six, winning three … all three wins coming in the Wild Card era.

PECOTA has projected the standings for the upcoming season using some kind of complicated statistical analysis that I have absolutely no understanding of to determine their predictions. I’ll go with the smart kids because they have the Dodgers winning 97 games thus securing the division by 12 games over the Padres with the Giants finishing third with 83 wins. Hey, you can’t argue with arithmetic can you?

ESPN has rated the offseason and determined the teams who have helped themselves the most and have set themselves up for future success (Future Power Rankings) … again, using methods that make my head hurt but I’m going to espouse because I like the results. On a scale of 100 …

1. Boston Red Sox 87.3

2. Los Angeles Dodgers 85.5

3. Chicago Cubs 80.5

13. San Francisco Giants  54.5

Of course, these are just numbers, but I like the way they add up!!!



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