Giants tie Dodgers in Exhibition Game, Giants Fans ask, “Do we get another trophy?”

The World Chumps, er, I mean “champs” took it the Dodgers in a spring training game yesterday, well if you consider a 5-5 tie a “whupping” which apparently Giants shills do. In reality (a term SF fans aren’t used to applying) both teams came away happy (for the most part) with what took place on the field.

For the Dodgers, Brett Anderson looked good in his debut with his new club. He threw nice and easy with good movement and a nice breaking ball. A good sign for a pitcher coming off surgery. The same could be said for Matt Cain who was every bit as sharp and had to be thrilled with his first spring outing.

Yasiel Puig had a home run and made a nice play in right holding a drive to the gap to a single. The “bullpen” got trashed again with Brandon League getting jumped on and Frias still prone to adding flammable liquid to a small fire … but, all in all, it was a nice workout for both squads.

Still, it didn’t take the obnoxious “Beat L.A.” chant long to surface. Really? You’re gonna chant “Beat L.A.” at a spring training game? I guess fans need to get in shape too.


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