Dodgers/Giants, Westside/Eastside, Zona

Howdy, Neighbor!

Seems the Dodgers and Giants can’t even shake each other during Spring Training. A few years ago the Dodgers left their longtime Florida home and moved Dodgertown to Glendale, Arizona. Camelback Ranch. Out on West Camelback Road. Nice. The Giants, however, maintain a facility out on East Camelback Road in nearby Scottsdale. Seems the rivals just can’t get enough of each other!


Dodgers: Dodgertown was abuzz when legendary Dodger pitcher, Sandy Koufax dropped by to check out the “new and improved” squad. Of the 61 guys in camp, Sandy had only seen 24 of them last year. That’s a pretty big turnover for a team that won 94 games.

Sandy seemed plenty impressed with top prospect, the kid with the droopy left eye, left-hander Julio Urias. He’ll be 19 this season but he’s making a serious push to break camp with the team. Sandy was saying he hadn’t seen a youngster with as much poise as Urias  since he saw another left-handed, Mexican kid named Fernando Valenzuela in camp back in the day. The difference between Urias and Fernando? Julio has a 98 mph fastball.


Andre Ethier has made it clear he wants to be a starter this season whether as a Dodger or with another team. Problem is, the spot he’d be competing for is in center where Joc Pederson is penciled to play. At 33 ‘Dre doesn’t believe CF makes sense for him so he’s probably looking at the fourth outfield spot on the roster. The veteran’s contract makes him all but un-tradeable and the Dodgers are fine with him as the fourth option. He’s handled the situation like a pro … so far. We’ll see if the Dodgers can accommodate him. A little more bullpen help might be nice.

Giants: Looks like Timmy Lincecum might have worked out his mechanics after throwing with his Dad this offseason. He’s looked good in bullpen sessions and pitched live BP where Brandon Belt said his fastball was “deceptive” and his curve had real bite. The Giants have a MUCH better rotation if Lincecum can come anywhere close to his old self. I like the kid, but it’s OK with me if he just sits around Golden Gate Park puffing his ganja. There are worse ways to end up.



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