Arms Needed … Literally




The new Dodgers front office, affectionately known as”The Geek Squad,” is causing great consternation, gnashing of teeth, head scratching and a severe case of The Yips for fans of the club with their recent roster moves. Let’s review:

Traded Matt Kemp to a division rival in exchange for a catcher with a history of PED use and coming off a serious knee injury. But he “frames” pitches well, we’re told. That seems real important to the Geeks. I guess they did save $70M on the deal …

Traded fan favorite, offensive spark plug and All-Star second baseman, Dee Gordon, to the Marlins for players they eventually flipped for veteran second bagger, Howie Kendrick. OK.

Let SS and probably the best hitter on the team walk when they said sayonara to Hanley Ramirez. Sure, he was oft-injured and may have had attitude problems, but there’s a gaping hole in the middle of the lineup to deal with. Jimmy Rollins is nice, but is he your 5-spot? I guess he is now.

But they DID go out and get some pitchers!

Aside from being new Dodgers, what do Brandon McCarthy, Brett Anderson, Dustin McGowan and Brandon Beachy have in common? A: None have really pitched much in awhile. Arm ailments and in some cases (multiple) surgeries have kept them off the mound. Are they good pitchers? Heck, yeah! When they’re healthy.

Apparently The Geeks know something we don’t. They gave McCarthy 10 million dollars. You don’t give $10M to a guy you don’t think is going to be able to pitch, do you? Of course not. Uhhhh … I hope.

In the cases of Anderson, Beachy and McGowan you have three extremely talented pitchers with tremendous upside, if their arm isn’t in a sling. The Dodgers got all three on the cheap with the low-risk, high-reward mantra playing in their heads.

It could work out. If it does, it is a VERY formidable pitching staff. If it doesn’t … well, the Giants fan’s snickering can already be heard building to an obnoxious crescendo that will force me to close all the windows and sit in the closet with the lights out until next year.


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