It’s here! The Dodgers’ 2015 Spring Training is officially underway today with pitchers and catchers reporting to Camelback Ranch in Glendale, AZ.

Of course, the buzz around the team right now centers on the bullpen. With closer Kenley Jansen not expected to return from foot surgery until mid-May, rumors are swirling that L.A. might be interested in free agent reliever, Joba Chamberlain. More expensive options like Francisco Rodriguez and Rafael Soriano have also been bandied about. Even a trade for Jonny Papelbon has been mentioned as a possibility, although that seems unlikely. Papelbon and the Phillies appear to enjoy torturing each other so the Phils’ asking price is still too high. Besides, Papelbon will ONLY close and what do you do with him once Kenley gets back?

Also tittering in the desert wind is word that the Dodgers might be willing to go as high as a $40M bonus for Cuban infielder, Yoan Moncada. That would mean an additional $40M the Dodgers would owe in taxes making the total investment $80 million dollars. I bet you could get a condo on Mars for less than $80 million dollars. You could certainly get the internal organ of your choice from me for that kind of scratch. Yikes. But, maybe the bullpen will distract Friedman and Zaidi long enough for the Yankees to pull the trigger on Moncada. Keep in mind, building bullpens is supposed to be Friedman’s forté, so let’s see what transpires.

Meanwhile, the Midnight CalTrain bound for Scottsdale and the Giants’ Spring Training facility is ready to start carrying garlic-smelling locals in orange and black leisure suits to their pre-Summer destination.


I think they lure people in with the promise of free wi-fi and a Philz Coffee kiosk on board. Anyway, maybe the neighborhood will quiet down while the Jints Lovers are getting sunburned in the Land of McCain and Border Militia.

Have fun folks!



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