Pre-Spring Downer, Jansen To Have Surgery

Well, kids, here we go. No sooner do the Dodgers start packing for Camelback Ranch they learn the ONE GUY they couldn’t afford to lose in the bullpen, closer Kenley Jansen, will miss 8 to 12 weeks for foot surgery.

Seriously, whatever meager bullpen we have is built around Jansen. Losing him until June (or thereabouts) will definitely be an issue. In fact, the Geeks in the front office have just set the new priority one on their iPhone app to FIND A CLOSER, STAT!!! Forget Olivera, forget Moncada, get Scott Boras on the line!

Boras has the two best free agent relievers still on the market and their price tag just skyrocketed! Expect K-Rod and/or Rafael Soriano to get a deal somewhere in the $10M range, far more that they’re worth, but the Dodgers have no choice. That Slime Boras just hit the Lottery … again.

Will this impact the pursuit of The Two Amigos (Cuban infielders Olivera and Moncado)? I hope not, but you can excuse Zaidi if he takes a moment to re-think this whole schemer.

Just so you know, I’m in DEEP PANIC MODE. I think more than one Dodger fan might be. But, I hope the Geek Squad in Chavez Ravine keeps their wits about them. It’s time to have the ol’ mettle tested. Let’s see how they respond to their first serious challenge of 2015.



    1. That’s really not funny, DammitJim. Well, OK, it’s a LITTLE BIT funny … but Ned Colletti is still in the front office, so heaven knows it could happen. Should that occur (it won’t … I don’t think) I will definitely be seen sobbing into my pillow in the wee hours lamenting the capriciousness of the Baseball Gods.



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