Fan Fest at AT&T!!! It’s not my fault it rained … or is it?

The Giants held their annual “Fan Fest” this past weekend and, as always, it made life for the Dodger Fan living next door difficult. All that Orange & Black and all that raucous laughter and celebration over some “trophy” or other. Bleeech!!!

Still, it does signal the fact that baseball season is upon us and that’s ALWAYS great news! I will say this about the Giants’ Fan Fest (Dodgers had theirs recently, as well); folks come out, rain or shine and seem genuinely thrilled about the upcoming campaign. Gotta tip your cap! Another thing I noticed (I was there, undercover, snooping) was that a very large portion of the crowd was female in nature. I think that’s great! The ladies seem to love their Giants and are very enthusiastic participants in the revelry surrounding the team. I like that. It’s not their fault that they’ve chosen the wrong team to root for. They were probably unduly influenced by some ugly dude in their life, a dad, a husband, a boyfriend. I mean, what do men know? Not much. We can move furniture and fill the gas tank, after that I’m not sure what we contribute. At any rate, it bodes well for the game that women find the sport appealing. That’s a good thing.

Another thing I noticed among the fans was there were still a lot of “Panda Hats” being sported. I didn’t have the heart to point out that their lovable ball of dough, Pablo Sandoval was somewhere in Boston wondering where he could get a decent churro. Probably not best to rattle the locals too much. They can turn on you in one quick hurry.

I do, however, want the Jints fans reading this blog to understand that I had absolutely nothing to do with the rain the sprinkled your little party. It is true I genuflected before my Altar Of The Divine Saint Lasorda as I do every morning, but I made no special request for foul weather. He must of done that on His own. But, it didn’t do much to dampen the spirits of the attendees.

In my next post I’ll break down our teams as they both go into Spring Training and we’ll spend some time bad-mouthing the Damn San Diego Padres, an activity we all can enjoy.

Go Blue!!!




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